REMEO Research

The research unit at REMEO focuses on improving the care for patients with chronic or persistent critical illness.

These patients need intensive care treatment for long periods of time and may suffer from a wide array of diseases, requiring individualized, multidisciplinary care and rehabilitation during their recovery period. Our research goal is to improve understanding of chronic and persistent critical illness with the aim to develop better treatments.

Head of the unit is Eva Sundman,

Follow us on Twitter @RemeoResearch.

Ongoing studies

Outcome in patients with persistent critical illness after specialized treatment.

In this study, we aim to document the outcome of specialized multidisciplinary care in patients with persistent critical illness treated at REMEO between 2015 and 2018.

Specialized care and patient related outcome measures in persistent critical illness.

This is a prospective study with ongoing patient inclusion. We aim to document patient and treatment characteristics as well as outcome of care using validated instruments for physical testing and patient related outcome measures questionnaires.

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Uppdaterat: 2021-02-10

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